The Bo Story

Short about where and how I came to B.

I was born on the windy South-West coast of Norway, in the city Stavanger,
base of the Norwegian petroleum industry. Growing up in a Brady-Bunch-like family, a lot of time was spent in the countrys striking nature; in the winter skiing in the mountains, and fishing in the fjords in the summertime.

In my high-school years I divided my time between school work, video workshops and theatre stage work. In the subsequent two years after graduating, I worked in theatre and as a film camera assistant, before entering The London Film School in 1994.

After film school, I spent some time camera assisting, before stepping up to
shoot a mini-series for Norwegian TV2. I was later hired by the renowned Norwegian production company TVP, and spent a couple of years as their in-house DP and editor, working mostly on films for the oil industry.

In 1998 I was invited to join the TV episodical The New Adventures of Robin
Hood for Warner Brothers, which was shooting in the Republic of Lithuania.
After the series closed down in 1999, I have kept returning to Lithuania for
feature film work, mainly as 2nd unit DP, but also to shoot commercials. In Norway I mainly work with dramatic and commercial films.

Although my heart remains Norwegian, my horizon keeps expanding, and every year I am adding new destinations to my working map.

Working with so many different directors with diverse styles and different
cultural backgrounds has dialled me in to communicate on many different levels. To make things happen quickly and precisely, in the way that the director has envisioned.

To me it is important to have an understanding of how the visual flow will best tell a story, and how to support it with the cinematic tools at hand. I work on small, hurried projects and large, luxurious films with the same attention to detail and desire to create a solid, distinct look for each project. All in close collaboration with my fellow filmmakers. TEAMWORK is the key.

I am a member of The Norwegian Society of Cinematographers and former board member in the Norwegian Filmworkers Union.


21.10.14 Yes, yes, updated site coming soon!
21.10.14 Yes, yes, updated site coming soon!
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